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Columbia Academy in Maryland

gee one of my tough assignments…. I flew to Columbia, Maryland to capture summertime activities, smiles and staff members.

Columbia Academy has 5 locations with one of them housing kindergarten through the 8th grade.  The staff is superb, the facility is top notch and the children are adorable.  I arrived in the AM to to see what happens from morning, through lunch and afternoon activities.  They even got to play for a time in the water spout… an excellent adventure.  Babies were sleeping, children were dancing, the big kids were playing soccer and butterflies were being set free, the children had watch them grown from caterpillars, they were so excited!  At the playground on the second day I was asking different children to pose for pictures, asking them to swing on the swings, climb the slide and ride on tricycles… when one of the kiddos said I want my picture taken with the lady with red hair!  that made my day… they all gathered around and I was delighted!

If I lived in Maryland and had preschool children I would surely send them to Columbia Academy!

Check out below all the fun and activities that happen at Columbia Academy…

our picture with the red hair lady

Corporate Event Photographer of the Year!

The night had finally arrived and I was pretty calm… the Limo arrived and we all made our way in, it is very difficult to enter a limo and even more getting out 🙂 We had such a great time traveling in style.  they offered cocktails and hors D’oeuvres, we chatted with folks, then the lights dimmed and we were invited to enter the Theater!

All was going well till they started calling the names of all the fine folks who were finalists for Photographer of the Year… “please stand when your name is called” David, Dale, Linda, Joe and Tess, he paused, opened the envelope and uttered the words “Linda Ford, Linda’s Lenses Photography!”  OMG  I was shaking like a leaf and yes, for those of you who know me, I cried 🙂  If only I could remember what I said!

The venue was excellent, and all along we were wondering where they would serve a couple 100 folks a sit down dinner, well to our surprise on the stage, quite a spectacular job was done by CBC Magazine, Playhouse Square and A Taste of Excellence for the delicious food that they had prepared and an awesome event!

Thank you to all my colleagues, friends and family who voted for me.  It is truly an honor!

Check out the fun that was had by one and all…

traveling in style
Sam and her man, Matt!
Linda & Bill
Traci and Bob!
Diane & Sam
Irene and Bill
Sam & Sam 🙂
Lisa & her Dad
Lynn & Heidi
Renee DeLuca Dolan
Bernie & Kay Doyle from Fast Signs – Winner
Such a moment!
I think he is proud of me 🙂
one delicious meal!
Jeff & Jennifer
the gangs all here… guess who is taking the picture 🙂
Me and my amazing husband!
a delicious meal – tuna, short ribs and chicken stuffed with spinach
my special gang
Traci and her Man!
Traci and Megan
Such a great time…… 🙂

Jaydan… 7 months old

what a little stinker… when she arrived I took her from mom and began talking with her.  She was so excited, smiling and waving her hands  all over the place.  We then went to the studio still a very happy baby, then came the time to capture memories – we near had to stand on our heads!  🙂  She laid there and looked at us like we were crazy people!  In the end it all came out well. 

Drew’s Winter Wonderland

I have had the pleasure of capturing just about every event that has taken place in this sweet baby girls life!  Her newborn session and then mom became one of my Little Forever clients… the year went by so fast!  I captured spring, summer, fall, Santa and any other event.  Her 1st Birthday was so special, mom had me come to her birthday party with family and friends and then we captured the special moment in my studio!  Drew is now 18months and mom wanted her second winter captured…. this winter she was not so very sure about it all!  At times she reminded me of Ralphies little brother Randy in A Christmas Story.  I truly look forward to watching Drew continue to grow through the years!  Thanks Mom!

Bradley Major Pisani – 3 weeks old!

I had the honor of capturing his first moments and then mom and dad brought him in the studio for a session…. Cleveland’s weather was not on our side, had to cancel his first session because of sub-zero temperatures, but they finally made it.  Little Bradley came at the tiny age of 3 weeks.  At first he was not at all sure about what was going to take place….  and he was not at all interested in sleeping…. between dad and myself we were finally able to convenience him that this was a good thing and just relax and go with the flow… 🙂  The goal is to have a sleeping baby but when you have them look right into your eyes it is a magical moment!  Look forward to watching you grow Little Bradley!

bradley major