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Bradley Major Pisani

Came into the world on a very cold and blustery day….

And Into the arms of warm and caring parents!

I was on baby alert to catch the first moments  …  kept in-touch with dad via texts…. such the world we live in now 🙂

Saturday – 1.25.14 – 11:30 pm  “Marisa is in labor!  Heading to Hillcrest Hospital… he invited me to come I was cozy and warm and thought I would just hang for a time, and then the phone rang, Grandma Gina… we talked for a time and decided we both decided we would wait for further developments.

Sunday – 1.26.14 1:06 am “we have arrived at the hospital, Safely and they are taking us directly to our room…

Sunday – 2:39 am  “It’s going to be a while I’ll keep you updated but all is great

Sunday – 10:03 am “Marisa’s contractions are 4 min apart and she is 4 ½ cm dilated and they are putting in the epidural now.  They say we could still have 6-8 hours but they say no one know for sure J

Sunday – 11:47 am Marisa is now resting comfortably they have given her the epidural she’s going to take a little nap and hopefully something in the 4-8 hours she will wake up and we’ll have a baby.  Right now she’s excited, but tired and very comfortable she’s healthy and so is the baby … everything is going fine.  I’ll keep you updated

Sunday 1:37 pm Their doing a c-section in 30 minutes!

Sunday morning at different times I thought of heading to the hospital… snow flying, winds howling and the snow piling up…. Each time I thought… I have time…  Well needless to say when the last text came I jumped up, gave Bill a kiss and said “I’m off the hospital…. Be safe he said and what a delight, the roads were clean as a whistle.

I made my way to the hospital in about 35 minutes, took 10 to find a parking spot and then to the L&D Waiting Room, where I found Grandma & Grandpa Dalessandro waiting patiently… I think!

We waited, and waited and waited… finally the text came from Dad…. “We have a happy, healthy, beautiful new baby… and mom is great!

Bradley Major Pisani

1.26.2014   2:32pm 8# 11inches 21 inches

Bradley has arrived!

Chris - January 30, 2014 - 12:30 am

I was your nursery nurse in Recovery – happened to see this post through Kristen Amick, also a great photographer of families. Your photos turned out to be really nice, you captured just the right moments. Good luck to a very lovely family!

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