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Business Insurance a Must!

Why do I need business insurance? 

 Many times home based businesses assume that their home insurance will cover any loss they have.  Home insurance policies are specifically written to cover PERSONAL property.  In a claim, business property will only be covered up to a specified amount which is usually under $250.  Many home based businesses only find out about this coverage when they file a claim.  Discussing it with your agent before a claim is filed is very important.

 Anyone that provides advice or offers a product or service should be covered by Business insurance for the liability.  If you think you cannot afford it or don’t need it, think what only ONE dissatisfied customer could do to take away the business that you have worked so hard to get.  Legal fees to defend your business against one claim could cripple your financially and/or take away your business.  With a Business Liability policy, legal fees are paid by the insurance company to defend you.  Paying premiums for this service are well worth the money spent and the peace of mind it can afford you.

If you have any questions give Sam a call… 440.243.0001

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