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Columbia Academy in Maryland

gee one of my tough assignments…. I flew to Columbia, Maryland to capture summertime activities, smiles and staff members.

Columbia Academy has 5 locations with one of them housing kindergarten through the 8th grade.  The staff is superb, the facility is top notch and the children are adorable.  I arrived in the AM to to see what happens from morning, through lunch and afternoon activities.  They even got to play for a time in the water spout… an excellent adventure.  Babies were sleeping, children were dancing, the big kids were playing soccer and butterflies were being set free, the children had watch them grown from caterpillars, they were so excited!  At the playground on the second day I was asking different children to pose for pictures, asking them to swing on the swings, climb the slide and ride on tricycles… when one of the kiddos said I want my picture taken with the lady with red hair!  that made my day… they all gathered around and I was delighted!

If I lived in Maryland and had preschool children I would surely send them to Columbia Academy!

Check out below all the fun and activities that happen at Columbia Academy…

our picture with the red hair lady

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