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Mother’s Day!

This year I traveled to Bowling Green where my daughter lives… On Saturday we had a picnic with Debbie her Mother-n-law and other family members, great food and much laughter.  On Sunday, Madison decided to have a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast and then off to church,  from there we headed to Maumee Bay… the day was a bit chiller than we would have liked it, but we made the best of it!  We headed off for a walk in the woods, some saw deer and other woodland animals,  I fiddled with my camera to capture memories and nature’s beauty!
w natures beauty!  I hope everyone had a beautiful day…

Workshop Adventure with Larry Spencer!

This past Sunday I woke early to set off on

my adventure…

Larry Spencer, of Spencer Photography Inc. & sponsored by NEO Pro Imaging

We met at a warehouse studio, Up Three Studios in Tremont, a place that no one would suspect! A bride and groom arrived, dress, tux and flowers… and then the fun began. It was dark, filthy and just the right location for our session!  These are a few of the images that I took…

From there we headed to Emanuel Lutheran Church… sweet old place on Scranton… Larry told us to look for the obscure locations to capture that very unique image…




From there we headed to NEO Pro Imaging Larry did some post-production on his images – we had lunch and then boarded our Limo for the rest of our adventure!  We traveled in style downtown with A-1 Mr. Limo



There we were on Euclid and 4th – horns a tooting and many stares…. folks really thought that these we were 2 couples and we were their photographers 🙂 we finally gave up and let them congratulate them… we headed down alleys and followed the “light”!

Now back to NEO and heard the view point of an event planner, Brandi Hamerstone owner of All Events Planned.

Back on the Limo…. headed to the end of 9th Street to view the city at night!

What a day… long, exciting, and jam packed… Thanks so much to Larry, Dave our Brides and Grooms and cute Jordan, our high school senior who also join us on our adventure downtown!



Brandi Hamerstone - May 7, 2013 - 6:32 pm

Thanks for mentioning my talk at the workshop! It was a pleasure speaking to all of you!

Recovery Resources Annual Meeting – 2013

WOW… I had the honor of capturing this years Recovery Resources Annual Meeting.

K. J. Montgomery, Shaker Heights Municipal Court was awarded this years Helen K. Jones Woman of Strength Award.  Also, at this years event The Keynote Address was delivered by Iris Llewellyn Angle.  She shared her Journey of Survival after her son committed suicide.  “He ended his pain; hers began.  She wrote the story in Tell Your Story Walking: One Mother’s Legacy!  Such a courageous woman with an emotional story to share!

I really was not aware of all the services RR offers – they are committed to tackle the perception that mental illness and addiction “live elsewhere” when, in reality, they often live in or very close, to, our own homes.

Throughout the coming year, “RR will continue to embed its services throughout the community – school, businesses, primary health care settings, and nursing homes – so that we can be close to home, Close to your home.”

The little 4-legged friend was at an event down the hall… she is a police dog, trained just like the “big” boys!  She was oh so very friendly and knows her roll, as the big dogs wear a collar, with a badge, when they are working, she wears the sweater, which has a badge embroidered on it – when either the big dogs put on their collar or she her sweater – they know they are official and ready for action!


Cooper turns 1!

The first time I met Cooper he was days old…. he slept like an angel!

Mom and dad brought Cooper back for his 1 Year Old Session and, well we had an interesting time! 
Cooper was certainly having an off day BUT we ending up capturing some super cute ones. 
He loved the blue rake and holding anything in his hand and trying to answer a phone… 🙂
His mom and dad worked very hard to make him smile and I would say that we all made it happen!

Business Insurance a Must!

Why do I need business insurance? 

 Many times home based businesses assume that their home insurance will cover any loss they have.  Home insurance policies are specifically written to cover PERSONAL property.  In a claim, business property will only be covered up to a specified amount which is usually under $250.  Many home based businesses only find out about this coverage when they file a claim.  Discussing it with your agent before a claim is filed is very important.

 Anyone that provides advice or offers a product or service should be covered by Business insurance for the liability.  If you think you cannot afford it or don’t need it, think what only ONE dissatisfied customer could do to take away the business that you have worked so hard to get.  Legal fees to defend your business against one claim could cripple your financially and/or take away your business.  With a Business Liability policy, legal fees are paid by the insurance company to defend you.  Paying premiums for this service are well worth the money spent and the peace of mind it can afford you.

If you have any questions give Sam a call… 440.243.0001