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Chardon Maple Festival!

Sunday the 28th was a great adventure with Great Friends…

The Fords, Sheers and Teppers  headed off to Chardon’s Maple Festival.  Sam and Matt are the only ones that have been before so we were very excited to watch, the Tug o War, Bath Tub Races and the Lumberjack activities.

Before the famous pancakes, maple syrup and sausage – which were delicious…  we watched the Tug o War contest…. muscles, muscles and more muscles, old and young!  This was serious business, teams had to be weighed in and then with a flip of the coin the pulling began… great excitement!

After pancakes we headed to watch the crazy Bath Tub races…. each team consisted of 3 folks, one of which got to sit in the tub while the other 2 ran from one end to the other… the gal in the tub though had to lean and steer when necessary!

From the Bath Tub races we headed to the Lumberjack activities…. these men had great skill in throwing an ax and cutting wood.  The axes were 3.5 pounds and had to be thrown a great distance to a target, where they were then scored for their marksmen-ship.  Then their were teams of 2 that with a “souped” up chain saw had to make a cut down and then back up through a piece of wood … yikes!  The last event, that we saw was the Bow Saw cutting contest… they made it look like you were cutting butter.

Even though it was a slightly miserable day weather wise, as friends we had a great adventure!

Traci and Bob we missed you!  🙂

Spring Sessions at Miller’s Nature Preserve

this past weekend I met two clients at Miller’s Nature Preserve

Drew and her mommy have been coming since she was a pea in her mommy’s belly.  We have had great adventures in the 9 months of her little life… today she loved the flowers, she and I had a very interesting conversation, and she even tried to lick some flowers  🙂

My other family I have seen for a few years…

I have watched them grow and have not been “their” favorite person 🙂  
BUT today we had NO tears – I am still not their favorite but we had a great time!
They love each other and love to run about! 🙂

Handsome Kellen is now 6 months!

I know I am not getting any older….

but my baby clients just keep moving right along!  🙂 
I remember the day mom and dad brought this handsome little man in for his newborn session and now it is 6 months later!  He is sitting up so well and is so proud if himself!

Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt!

I cannot believe how quickly time flies by….

This month alone I have FOUR 1st Birthdays!

I can only imagine how the mommy’s and daddy’s must feel on the First Birthday of their sweet angel…

most of these babies are the second sibling so I have been part of their family for a few years now – very exciting for me!

Below are the images from Wyatt’s 1st Birthday Session – he dressed as our Super Hero!

On the go Drew…

The last time Drew cam to visit

we struggled a bit!

This time she could not have been happier!

We were able to play dress-up with many outfits!

Everyone had a great time!