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ADA FAther of the Year

For many years now I have been the photographer for the American Diabetes Association.  I have photographed everything from their Step Out Walk, to their Tour de Cure, to Kiss A Pig 🙂  I personally do not have diabetes, nor my husband but I have close family members that do.

Northeast Ohioans are increasingly feeling the effects of diabetes as nearly 330,000 people suffer from the disease, and many others may have diabetes and not know it! It is estimated that one out of every three children born after 2000 in the United States will be directly affected by diabetes.

For the second year now they are having their Father of the Year!  I am blessed to be the photographer for this event as well!  This past Thursday, April 11th their was a reception for the Honorees held at Lee Hayden Gallery, located in Share Square and Sponsored by Ohio Title.

This years Father’s are Len Komorowski from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Daniel Lauletta from Plancorp, Inc. and Leonard Cosentino from Checkpoint Surgical.

This years event is Thursday, June 13th, 2013 at Embassy Suites in Independence, OH.

Cakes by Phill!

Next time you need a specialty cake for

Your wedding, or a birthday…

cookies for an event, say a baby shower, or a specialty tea party,

why not give Phill a call!

As you can see she is not your standard cake baker!  She takes your idea and turns it into reality….


Mary Faktor & The Six Ages of Woman!

Professional actor, Mary Faktor, has been entertaining audiences across the country for 30 years with her popular one-woman comedy show.

Looking for a fundraiser or someone to speak at your next event –

Mary has helped raise funds for schools & churches…

The perfect choice for unique and easy FUNdraising.

She will be featured in the April issue of CBC Magazine… check it out!

Watch time pass before your eyes

as her character “Vicki”, ages 50 years!

 from starry-eyed teenager

to dreamy newlywed

to naive expectant mother

to frazzled housewife mom

to menopausal career woman

to actively retired grandmother!

 Mary Faktor – 330.655.2895 or 216.470.5132

Thirty-Three Darlings ~ 18 Duckies & One Rabbit

How exciting it was…. 33 Little Darlings came to visit and each and every visit was different! we had everything from “Lovin’ the Bunny, to Squeezing the Duckies”  Some of the Darlings were terrified and wanted nothing to do with the Ducks or the Bunny and others were all about them!

A Huge thanks to “Whiskers” new owner for allowing him to visit for the week. After Sunday’s sessions I gathered up the 18 Duckies and Whiskers and headed to Bowling Green so Madison and Caden could visit, (Caden’s class where Whiskers use to live miss him very much 🙂  and this Thursday I head south to Columbus so Olivia and Riley could visit with them as well….  I know I am one crazy Mimi!!!  Check out below some of the Darlings and the times that we had 🙂

Babies First Photo Session

Check out Baby Waves and then come to Linda’s Lenses.

JoAnn is the manager of Baby Waves located in Independence, right on Rockside Road.  I have the honor of hanging my customers beautiful images in their office, for her customers to view while waiting to catch a first view of their baby.  It’s fun to sit in the lobby and listen to families as they catch a first glimpse of their new baby girl or boy!  “look at her nose” she has daddy’s big feet… such a special time for mom and dad, grandparents and whomever else they decide to bring along for the show!  At Baby Waves they have numerous packages from just finding out the gender of your baby to 3D – 4D and being able to have a slide show of all your images!

Click here to check out their website and then view some images of their office..

Give JoAnn a call for your appointment  and, check out the website, there are discount coupons available!