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Traci McBride – TeeMcBee Image Consulting, in Cleveland

My great friend Traci has an amazing business where she comes to your home and detoxes your closet, she removes the not needed and then takes you on a shopping adventure!  Traci has seen my closet and we have been shopping numerous time.  Two of the best parts of shopping with Traci is that she arrives at the store before you and when you arrive there is a rack of clothing for you to try on… the second best thing is if the size is not right she heads out to the shopping floor to bring back new!!! This is worth it’s weight in gold… you ladies know what I mean!

A few years ago, Traci studied under Stacy London, former fashion editor for “Vogue” and co-host on “What Not to Wear.”

She soon became a part of an elite group of fashion consultants hand-picked by London to represent her consulting company, Style For Hire.

Traci was just interviewed on how to “style on a budget”  take a peek and find out no matter what your budget you can look great!



African Safari Wildlife Park

As many of you know, my grandchildren Madison and Caden are very fond of the African Safari Wildlife Park at Port Clinton.  They went again this year, with their Mommy and Daddy, as part of a  wonderful weekend ending at Cedar Point.  Here’s a glimpse of some of the fun things that happened:

Tepper Kiddos

Hello Everyone!  I’m back… with a brand new Blog and very excited about it!  My resolution for the New Year is to post more regularly, and with this new and improved Blog I will!!!

Cameron, Riley, Kellen and their Mom and Dad met me at Coe Lake and we had a great time….

we did start off with a sight boo-boo when Kellen fell and got a goose egg, but he was quite a little trouper!

The girls were super stars and had a grand time!

Hello again!

As many of you know, we had a bad website problem a little while back, bad enough that we had to change web hosts.  Most everything is restored, but all our previous blog posts were lost.  So we’re starting over.  Stay tuned…